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- Dramatherapy -

한명희 홈페이지

나비의 꿈 홈페이지

나비의 꿈 홈페이지

Drama Therapy international

::: Welcome to Drama Therapy Homepage :::

You are visiting the Home of Korean Dramatherapist, Myung Hee Han, who has been pioneering the field of Dramatherapy in Korea.
We are looking forward to getting in touch with international network in the field, especially with Dramatherapists working in Asia. Email to: hmhdrama@hotmail.com

Myung is a state registered ( U.K.) Dramatherapist, trained in Hertfordshire Uni. ( PgDip),in 2001-2002.
She is a full member of BADTH and registered with HPC (AS04934), U.K.
She has published nemerous articles on Dramtherapy in Korea including translation of Sue Jenning's 'Remedial Drama'.

Since her first MA in Korea on 'the Dramatherapeutic aspects of Korean Shamanic Rituals' ( 1994),
she has been researching the Sociocultural aspects of Dramatherapy. Her research interest in this
field includes:

Rhythmic Pattern and Dramatherapy, Non- Verbal/ Non- Narrative based Dramatherapy, Altered state of Consciousness and Shamanic approaches in Dramatherapy, Therapeutic Performance, Culture base Dramatherapy Assessment instruments, Dramatherapy Model of using Objects, Dramatherapy Approaches of adaptation to Korean culture in socio cultural aspects, Dramatherapeutic application of Korean Shamaic rhythmic Pattern using Grotowskian training methods, Aesthetics of Jeong ,
Joong, Dong and Dramatherapy.

As a dramatherapist she has worked with people with learning difficulties in various ranges including profound-multiple difficulties, PTSD clients including domestic violence, sexual abuse, disaster victims, children and adolescents with conduct disorder, elderly clients with depression, and worked in mental health day centres for clients with schizophrenia.

In Theatre field, She has MA in Theatre Practice from the Central School of Speech and Drama, Cert. in Physical Theatre training (Jacques LeCoq method), in U.K. after she has been trained in traditional performing arts including Pansori, Matialarts, traditional dance, drumming with National Treasure Masters and worked in Professional Theatre Industry as a Performer and Director, both in mainstream and avant guard since 1990,
performed in Korea, the UK, France, USA, China, Poland, and Austria. In 2006, she established `TiAT Moo` (Theatre in Arts and Therapy) working in the junction of Arts and Health, with a vision of 'Creating a Therapeutic Performance Through Real Encounter' in both public and clinical settings.

Since 2007, her clinical practice has been based in South Korea, where she has also been running various workshops and Dramatherapy training. With her tranees, she is on the process of establishing Korean Dramatherapists Association.
TiAT Moo is also esablishing the working centre in Korea.

For a detailed list of her work, please click on the link here: http://www.dramatherapy.co.kr/hee

For Myung's interview at creative frequency, please click on the link here:

For TiAT Moo's Past Performance, please click on the link here: http://www.dramatherapy.co.kr/dob


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